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About Us

My People Apps™ and programs subscriptions have been developed by public administration & political science experts, academics, and practitioners. These products are field tested and have been created from the first person experiences of elected officials, candidates, consultants, and managers.

My People Apps™ Designer

Dr. Tony Licciardi is a U.S. voting behavior expert. He has taught political science courses at the University of New Orleans in: Louisiana Politics, State & Local Politics, and American Government & Politics. Dr. Licciardi has worked with 100+ candidates and campaigns over the past two decades in grassroots voter identification and mobilization. He continues to produce timely public opinion analysis (polling) as a research associate in the University of New Orleans Survey Research Center.

Dr. Edward Chervenak is an expert political analyst, professor of political science, and president of Edgewater Research LLC. He was Licciardi’s mentor throughout his graduate and research career at the University of New Orleans Survey Research Center™. The team continues to produce meaningful research in the fields of US voter behavior and constituent satisfaction of public policy & job approval of elected officials. Dr. Chervenak consults with the designers and programmers of the My People Apps™.

Licciardi has been extensively involved in campaign work and constituent services for decades as a canvasser, phone bank operator, poll watcher, fundraiser, consultant, and candidate. In 2007, Licciardi ran and lost a race for the Louisiana State House of Representatives (and learned a lot).

Mobile constituent services was conceptualized and developed from Licciardi’s own experience as a street-level elected official. Part-time elected officials have few resources for constituent services. My People 1-2-3™ makes resolution for constituents’ issues efficient, effective, and personal. Elected officials can easily track and follow up with their constituents as their issues move toward resolution when using Licciardi’s My People 1-2-3™ mobile app.

Chief Technology Officer

Adarsh Tated (M.C.A) has worked with the My People programs from their conceptual design stages. He continues to optimize the programs’ performances with each update. Adarsh has made the My People programs and mobile apps a reality by taking time to listen to ideas, making thoughtful recommendations, and collaborating with My People stakeholders.

Programming and Development Partners

OsiyaTech is a world class global IT Organization offering a band-width of end-to-end services and solutions in current and emerging technologies. OsiyaTech offers the best-in-class services for all kinds of software, website and mobile app development, web designing, and API integration. Their team works on existing CMS such as Magento, Word-press, Woo-Commerce, Big-Commerce, Os-Commerce, Joomla, Drupal, Pyro CMS and can create custom CMS based on client requirements, budgets and duration. Contact (949) 544-1199 or

DigiComm Systems, Inc. is a leading software development, IT support and solutions provider based in Louisiana. Their focus is to provide each of their customers with a stable, safe and effective IT environment, allowing them to capitalize on technology. To discuss your technology needs, call 504-212-6770 or

National Public Opinion LLC is the parent company and owner of the My People Apps™ and programs.

My People Products™

The My People 1-2-3™ (MP123) subscription service is available for any elected official to manage a confidential database of their constituents throughout their tenure in a mobile app or on a desktop. As officials receive and respond to constituent requests, MP123 assists by aggregating what were once disparate notes, emails, and texts into a manageable database that reports to their agency’s departments and work order systems. MP123 makes resolution for constituents’ issues efficient, effective, and personal. Elected officials can easily follow up with their constituents as their issues move toward resolution.

My People Vote™ (MPV) is a mobile and desktop database management application that was developed from grass roots campaign experience. MPV considers the responsibilities of canvassers, phone bank operators, and poll watchers, while understanding what data are important to campaign managers and consultants. The MPV app is easy to use for data collectors and offers powerful analytics for campaign decision makers, both in the app or on a desktop computer. NO MORE PRINTED WALKLISTS AND PHONE LISTS. IT’S ALL DONE IN THE APP!

MPV uses the database of voters provided by your campaign consultants. Your campaign will rate and choose which likely voters you will need to reach.